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Originally Posted by Christos K View Post
I have encountered a strange glitch. This does not include any spoilers so I will just write it quickly. After I have finished with everything in the Temple of Shadow and I am now in that outside part of it. I go up the the path to where everything is happening and such but the character all appear invisible and when it goes to the cutscene/conversation (if it is supposed to do that) it is stuck at one position while battle music plays.
It could be a random glitch, have you tried reloading the autosave?

Originally Posted by JoesGuy View Post
I deleted my Override folder altogether and reinstalled into an empty Override.
Have you tried loading an earlier save from before you entered the area? If the problem still persists, and characters still have different appearances, create a save game within the problematic area and send it me via email or something so I can take a better look.

Originally Posted by X-Wing Pilot 5 View Post
Well, every time I try and go back to the Residential Area, it says I need a pass key (or something like that.) Is there another way to enter the Mining Tunnels?
(Also, is the patch different from the file you posted on KOTORfiles? I looked there and on your site and there doesn't seem to be a patch updating things since the file I downloaded.)
Ah yes, then you need to open the console and type "warp bos_tunnels", and then when you're in the Mining Tunnels, open the console and type "bos_czerka" to warp back to the Main Level of the Czerka Mining Facility.

And the patch has not been released yet. It isn't yet complete.

Originally Posted by Chevron 7 locke View Post
Hey Silver, Found a glitch that's not game stopping...but it can be quite irritating.

Show spoiler
I'll look into the bug. And you can just use KSE to change the PC's appearance.

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