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Initially Mech just listened to the Sith and come to the conclusion that she was just plain nuts. There had been no battle so he was able to activate the explosives rigged on the Hutt’s domain, causing it to erupt in a ball of flame that the alien took comfort in.

“Kid, are you crazy? Not only no, but hell no! Killing any one of you three would be easy. I could do it one both arms time behind my back, but telling other people what to do isn’t how I roll.” Mech replied bluntly. He’d seen enough of the Jedi and Sith to know that all of them were killed off eventually, no matter how powerful. The Krogan preferred living a couple more millennia over a position of power for a short time. He had joined private armies before, as well as fought in the CIS, and he had never been comfortable taking command over other soldiers. That was where he had met Ulim, another general of a warrior race, as well as other figures such as Dooku and Grievous, and was just as pissed as anyone who believed in the CIS when they lost.

“What he means is that while your target is a tempting target – as we thrive off of challenging opponents – what you are offering in return for the job isn’t worth it. We fight for credits, weapons, ships, armor, information or favors.” Ulim added, deactivating his energy swords and relaxing a bit. Terror was lying down next to Mech in a half-doze, picking its teeth with a piece of bone taken from one of its victims. Mech tapped his armored shoulder and Ulim nodded in acknowledgement. “We have interest in Ultra-Chrome. Very rare, expensive, and mainly used as starship armor, it’s completely resistant to normal blaster fire and even to lightsabers. Our friend Terror has this armor as part of his biology, and both Mech and I would like the material to forge armor for ourselves.”

Terror looked up from his doze at Andirrul and spoke. “Dark. Taste. Good. Food.”

“Oh yes, and Terror would like to eat the Dark Lord after we’ve killed him.”
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