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"Done," replied Andirrul, smiling again. She liked the way this triad thought. "In advance, here is a sum of two hundred thousand credits. This should cover any stealth training or materials you might need to get a preliminary bead on my worst enemy. In addition, upon completion of the assassination, you will receive a special gift--one for each of you--besides the Ultra-Chrome. Fear not. A saber in the back is not what I had in mind. Even the Sith prefer allies to corpses, even though betrayal is our one permanent law. It is not you whom I intend to betray, after all." She stepped forward and shook Mech's hand coolly. With the help of him and his comrades, victory!

Of course, Tyrannus probably suspected that she was plotting against him. If not, he was a fool, and if so, he was only slightly less of one. How long did he think that the Andorra side of Andirrul would prevail and humbly accede to his disparaging remarks and imperious orders? Lord Virul was in control now.


Pahro Utonula had to destroy two security droids aboard the Phantasm before someone who was actually sentient recognized her. The pawn leapt back in alarm, as if she were face-to-face with a ghost, and Pahro laughed in her face. She would have shot the underling, too, but she didn't want to make her luck run out too early. With the Dark Lady, who knew what acts that were meant to please her would actually displease her? Nevertheless, she went back to her quarters in the rear of the ship and meditated. What was her next move? She dared not risk an attack as stealthfully-bold as the radioactive grenade on Jatalra. She would have to try something different, something more akin to an atrocity a soldier would commit instead of a spy.

This time, she would let her Mistress decide it, but only this time. Afterward...
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