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"Who said I didn't care for the code?" Tyrannus asked. He stood up straight to advance towards Andirrul. "I may scoff at some of the 'rules' but it doesn't mean I don't live by it. Most important thing to remember is that the code is more what you call guidelines than actual rules." He then turned to look out at the stars. "Oh the first split was something and in their hearts the hatred of the Jedi was never forgotten. Funny thing is that hatred first started as hatred with the original Jedi, the Explorers but now anyone who calls themself a Jedi is an enemy."

Tyrannus reverted back to facing Andirrul. He looked at how beautiful she was even in her state and marveled at how beauty could be deadly. It was a reminder of the matriarch of his line who died with the passing of the bastard taint's grandmother. He recalled how she smiled that her enemy was finally vanquished and he didn't have the heart to tell her that the line continued. He said, "Every single Jedi, including your former lover is added to the compound hatred of the Sith. That hatred is what the creatures of the dark places of the galaxy feed on. Virul of course is a product of such a place but the source comes from where the first Explorers came from. The supposed Ancients, the guardians of the places of the Force, know the source and they guard against it. They did on Dagobah, Bespin, Byss..." He peered at Andirrul, "Not that you would know anything about this."


Tonatius kept singing as he took over and hoisted Alriana up til he was carrying her. He gave a slight smiled when he heard Kalla's voice take over his part. He spoke to Komad, "I suggest we make for one of the medical stations."

Andros, hearing that said, "The Huntau station is the closest. It is more of an outpost here in this region but well equiped. The Explorers have stretched far so we should be okay Father. We can regroup."

Tonatius went back to singing but in response to Kalla's part so that Jun-la could speak. She added, "We can call Matton. Our ship is nearby and if we signal, we can get a quick pick up. We can rendevous at the outpost and regroup. What say you?"

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