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Something deep within Andirrul, or rather within Virul, rose up suddenly--a stinging, noisome bile that was a combination of stomach acid and a tinge of blood. He--and she--would not be lectured by anyone, least of all a sniveling pretender to the throne of the Dark Lord of the Sith. He would be eliminated soon enough by the three assassins that she had recently taken into her employ with the promise of this mysterious "Ultra-Chrome", but for now...

"Kudu pah! Vrenka zort immayen pudu! Zhitsa ortzii luut!"

Andirrul slapped both hands over her mouth immediately and fled. What had she said, or more accurately, what had Lord Virul said? Were those words of the ancient Sith, or, more likely, were they the ramblings of someone who truly was insane? Whatever the case, the Dark Lady had to get herself under control again, and quickly. She could not let anyone else aboard the Phantasm see or hear her in such a state. She was strong, she was proud, she was...basking in the glow of her meditation chambers, lying prostrate in the middle of the floor. What in the Force had she said?!
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