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((Sorry I haven't posted in awhile...I HAVE RETURNED!))

"Literally on top. So what's the deal with this planet? I heard about a Jedi of some years but that's about it. What have you?"

Garrick reactivated the Comm to Tavaryn.

'Yeah, apparently we found some Jedi or other here....but what we know of the planet is the strange concentration of Force Artifacts here....we had a base here...but it was destroyed by some strange...thing. We're not entirely sure."

It had happened along time ago. Garrick could remember his father, the last Mand'alor, when he was reading the horrifying reports of destruction. Know one really found out how it had happened.

Captain Durrel began to back out of the small chamber immediatley.

"We need to get this thing secure..and fast. We have to get it off the planet, get it to the Jedi....they will want it."

He took out some elasti-tape and began to secure it, getting it into a durasteel box. Antoher technician brought in a ysalamiri, just in case.

Durrel changed his comm frequency.

"Jedi Kaltas! We have made a strange discovery you might want on the planet!! Do you have any dropships that can pick us up!! We don't know how long we have..."

The holocron of Nihilus didn't look threatening, but Durrel knew that any Sith object was dangerous...and they needed to get it out of there, fast.

Admiral Velerc was looking at the recent combat reports in one of the bridge's command trenches. His Lieutenant walked over to him.

"Sir, we picked up a communique coming from Republic forces! They're heading to the Christophsis system!"

Christophsis was only 5 parsects away, and when Velerc looked at the report, he saw that the Republic would be greatly outnumbered if they move now.

"Gather the fleet, we move immediatley. Interdictors at ready, also, full battle stations. Clear for battle."

The Lieutenant smiled and saluted moving to his duties.

The massive Imperial Fleet went into hyperspace 3 minutes later.

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