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KotOR Comics

I just started reading the KotOR comic book series this week - I found a good deal on the omnibus editions 1-3 and I'm roughly half-way through the first volume. Aside from not being an avid comic book reader, I don't know why I waited so long to start reading these. I am so enthralled by the KotOR Era of the SW Universe that I should have dug my teeth into these a long time ago.

However, I have noticed some negative feedback regarding the series (on this forum and elsewhere). I am probably naive to the reasons why - like I said I don't read comics really at all - but so far I really am enjoying the KotOR comics. I've really only been introduced to a handful of characters (Zayne Carrick, Jarael, Gryph, Lucien Draay), but I am very intrigued so far.

Without providing spoilers, can anyone else offer feedback on their thoughts from the series?

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