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((Time to introduce my second character. The second in command of the Sith fleet after CQ's character.))

Grand Admiral Voran Garja knew that his ship was in trouble the moment it exited hyperspace. He could tell by the way the engines throbbed that something was wrong.

"Status report."

One of his subordinates rapidly typed in commands on her console. "Sir. It appears that we were dragged out of hyperspace by...some sort of massive gravity mass."

"Hmmm...And yet when I look out the viewports I see nothing but empty space. It appears that we have a puzzle on our hands. We have been pulled out of hyperspace...and yet there is nothing to pull us out."

He looked directly out of the open viewports. "Status reports on engines and tactical systems."

"Engines...will not engage. Reasons unknown. Shields and Weapons are functioning normally sir. However...Communications will not engage either."

Voran looked up at the celling in thought. "Begin scanning the area. This would be the perfect opportunity for an ambush. I want to know what's holding us and where it's located. Take as much time as you need to figure it out."
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