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After having made the deal with Andirrul, Mech acquired necessary information from her such as whom the target actually was, his tactics, and where the target would actually be most of the time. In this case it was Lord Tyrannus, using illusions and cunning, on the Phantasm. After that they parted ways and the freelancer trio returned to their safe house on Nar Shadda to plan. Mech sent Terror on a stealth mission to map out the Phantasm for them and get a bearing of were Tyrannus would be on the vessel in general, as well as acquire some information on Sith activities. Mech and Ulim actually thought it was kind of funny; many horror and action holovids always had scenes where people/evil creatures were using ventilation systems to sneak around vessels, and that was the exact method that Terror used most of the time. The only difference was that Terror was actually designed for that and anyone else who tried would have a hell of a time when a vent went directly upward a hundred feet. Terror also had the unique trait of being undetectable to even Jedi Masters and Sith Lords which it displayed with its lightsaber collection at the safehouse.

Stealth took time though - even for one good as Terror - and Mech and Ulim had to pass it somehow. So, they played chess.

“I understand that this game requires tactic and patience Mech. While my race generally emphasizes brute force over tactics, you have to know strategy to be a leader. That being said, I believe it to be ridiculous when it’s been a half an hour and you still haven’t made your first move!” Ulim exclaimed as he motioned to the chessboard to prove his point, where not a single piece was out of place. They both sat on small crates with a small chessboard resting on a larger crate between them. Mech was leaning over the playing board with a thoughtful look in his eyes and a hand on his chin.

“The game doesn’t have a time limit. Why rush a game that doesn’t have a time limit?” Mech inquired, in much the same way as he had on other occasions of playing chess with Ulim.

Ulim shook his head and replied “Because I don’t have as long of a life as you, and chances are I would die of old age before you made your first move.”

“Hey, it must be a good strategy. I’ve beaten you every time so far.” Mech chuckled and finally moved a center pawn one square forward.

Ulim moved a knight out and Mech responded in kind, finally setting a pace to the game. After a few moments of silence, Ulim said “I wonder how Terror is doing?”

“What he always does: kill, eat, sleep, sneak.” Mech responded, and then smiled evilly as he moved one last piece. “Checkmate.”

Ulim looked stunned for a moment, then smiled back as best a Sangheili could and asked “Another round?”


Terror was hungry. Of course, Terror was always hungry. He ate and he ate and he ate and it never went away. The only time his hunger was sated was when he ate the dark and light ones, the ones who called themselves Sith and Jedi. Terror didn’t care who they were or what they did. He didn’t care about whether or not it was right or wrong to eat them. He was just hungry, and he had to eat. Mech and Ulim taught him a degree of self-control though, so he could see food and not it. They taught him companionship at the least. They were his family, and he would allow himself to be hurt to make sure they were alright. Right now though they wanted him to explore the belly of the beast, find the food, and show them where it could be found. The language of noise was also to be collected, as the Sith just chattered and chattered and chattered among themselves.

The Sith, the food, could not see him, nor could they seemly just find him out of thin air like they could others. He was special because they were his prey and he was their predator. The hunger called Terror, but it had to suppress it. Crawling through the vents and systems of the beast, he couldn’t afford to be hungry. The prey could wait.

Terror had food to spy on.
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