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Originally Posted by SpaceAlex View Post
No, but if you have 4GB or RAM, 32-bit OS will only see 3GB
The physical address extension limitation is well known, however when recommending x64 as a purchase decision(as you seem to be) some details need to be made clear. At the moment, the benefits of x64 can only be seen in very specific contexts - most of these meaning naught for the average user/gamer:

*niche applications (video editing/animation/computational)
*multiple client server setup
*multiple OS virtualisation

x64 is 'the future' but most devs are not coding for it just now. Same goes for games. The overwhelming popularity of Vista x64 among the enthusiast crowd comes from the magic trick that is the x86 compatibility layer.

Have a look at the 'Program files' folders from my very own vista x64 rig.. There are hardly any aplications running in x64 mode/utilising the x64 registry

One day, proper x64 computing will get here.. but not quite yet

There's no way to get those back in Vista/7.
organise>layout>menu bar>view>status bar.

Im pretty sure they've removed the free disk space info, and reported that instead in your drive menu. Alternatively you can use the drive space gadget or a third party applet like cubicexplorer, to give you that info as you flit about between directories.

To tell truth, I myself never even noticed it was missing


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