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Jun-la protested , "Master Reyvan, the logical thing is to regroup and right now thw Huntau station is our only means of a friendly in this region. To not regroup would be to incite a failing on a larger picture."

Not to be a kill joy or a pain in a Bantha's rear but I am close enough for pick up and can transport them to the ship, Matton's voiced droned in on the comm.

Not far away it was Tonatius who spoke to the hermit, "Silver tongue she has not. Merely a wider range of vocabulary than some diplomats I have known." He had lowered Alriana onto a med bed and allowed Komad to do what needed to be done. He then stood by Kalla and said to her, "The time will come to face the thing you fear. Let it come to you of its own accord."


"Yes. Literally. I say you have a nice view of the planet from up top," Tavaryn joked some more, "A good landing claw this bucket has. Anyway this JEdi is from the Old Republic? Perhaps she will know things belonging to a very special Jedi long dead. Any problems on the surface?"


Tyrannus managed to follow the dark lady at a liesurely pace. He caught up with her and said, "I know that Virul spoke of some and he thinks of me as a pretender. Believe me my line extends far back than even he knows and along with it comes a power, an Ancient one."

At that moment a shadow came round the corner. Its breathing sounded raspy but it was a healthy one. The figure came, dressed in black armour that looked sharp enough to slice a man in two. The face was hidden in the shadows but the eyes glinted a demon yellow and red. Tyrannus didn't have to see the face to know who it was. It then said, "You two are like adolescent children. If you want the dark power from the realm of Miako and to take control of this galaxy, you would do better to tolerate each other's presence."

He then looked at the dark lady's direction, "Assassins you may have but I suggest you use them against the Jedi."

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