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Andirrul made a growl deep in her throat. She could not, would not, call off the deal. It did not do her or her cause any good to renege on a promise, most notably a promise made to three very powerful and very mysterious beings. The target had already been set, and what would Mech think of her if she suddenly pointed him toward one directly opposite? He would think she was weak, that's what he would think, and not worthy to be the Dark Lady.

Thus, she slipped into sublustrum, hoping to hit the third level quickly.

She sent a message to the hungry one, the beastly presence hovering in the darkness. Smell the food. Food is good. Male tastes better than I do.

A pause. Get the food. Devour it. There is no plate, but food is here.

With luck, the one called Terror would strike and kill, and then he would gorge himself on the remains of the one who had tormented her--or, more exactly, tormented Lord Virul. If Terror was slow to the feast, then she would buy him time with skorost'. She'd challenge Tyrannus to a duel.
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