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Finished the bulk of "Remonkeyed Explorer" which opens the main resource file and allows you to save all the files inside. Should be out later this week (probably Friday).

Examples of contents inside the .pak file:
The original monkey1.001 and monkey1.000 files (unchanged) from the Monkey Madness CD-ROM version
Costumes (i.e. character art)
Room definitions (in some binary encoded XML - not looking into that before Friday)
Fonts (stored as PNG)
Shaders (.fx files)
tweaks.txt (containing some settings for strange things in the engine)
hints.csv (binary file with all the hints)

No music or speech - that's in the separate xwb files (which BG is working on).

I've managed to "decode" the backgrounds and costumes to .dds (really just a matter of adding the DDS header with width/height etc.) - probably adding decoding from DDS to PNG format before Friday, although I'm not sure that I'll make it combine the various tiles that make up a single background in that short amount of time.

Various examples and screenshots (please don't hotlink - my bandwidth can't take it): (screenshot) (first tile of background art I got decoded) (a random costume decoded)

Oh yes, it's "Remonkeyed Explorer", because apparently an internal name for the Special Edition is "Remonkeyed Game".

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