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Originally Posted by Kev63 View Post
Hi everyone !

Serge, do you intend to release your tool to unpack Monkey1.pak ? It would be useful for foreigners like me, as I'm french I could put the Monkey1.000 and Monkey1.001 files from the original french version. Thanks ...
I do - as mentioned above, I planned on Friday - not sure at the moment, since I have a lot of work-work and leaving on vacation tomorrow. But maybe. In any event, Jott already has something out.

@Serge, two questions though:
Do you plan to release the source code of your tool?
And do you know what the table at 0x28 (referred at 0x8) is for?
Source code: Not at the moment, simply because it shares a lot of code with a longer term "secret" project , which will probably be open source. Shares as in "copy/paste and quick hacks" which means it's not even close to clean and won't be maintained - since the original project already decodes PAK also. Only did this tool to get something out quick.

As for 0x28 - no idea yet. Did all this rather quickly last night, so when it worked, I actually stopped looking at the package format and focused on the DXT stuff. Fast enough to not find any file count in the format either, which means at the moment, it simply reads the offset table until it reaches the known position of the name table.

And yes, Remonkeyed Explorer also decodes all files to the same folders if wanted (that's what the "Use original subfolder" checkbox is there for). Great news that unpackaged resource use wasn't disabled for the release
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