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He made it to the top of the cliff, freezing and shaking he placed the radio phone on the ground and began to set up the antenna.

He adjusted the dials and then picked up the reciever speaker and said, "Hello this is Xero Cryptmaw of Samuel and Tanya Cryptmaw does anyone read? Over."

There was a nothing but static. He sat in the snow freezing and adjusting the dials in frustration. He didn't know what to do. Not long after he had thrown down the reciever speaker he heard a voice calling out from the static.

He grabbed the speaker from the cold snow and adjusted the dials once again to get a clearer channel.

"Mr. Cryptmaw, are you there? Where are you come in, come in!" said the voice more clearly.

"I'm here, who is this?" asked Xero.

"I'm the head scientist at section 12 of your father's 50 sections, well 49 since the Chicago incident. One in every state. Is there something you need Sir?" asked the scientist.

"I need a supply drop at the coordinates i'm sending you now." said Xero.

"You're in Russia?" asked the scientist.

"This is correct." Xero said.

"What kind of supply drop did you need?" asked the scientist.

"I need Project: Black Wolf." said Xero.

There was a slight pause and the scientist said, "Say again, i dont think i heard you correctly."

"Project: Black Wolf." Xero repeated.

"Oh...ok i'm giving the order now to get it set up and we will be there ASAP." said the scientist.

"Thank you, and i hope it has a built-in heater." said Xero.

"Among other things yes, the suit protects the user from the elements." replied the scientist.

"Ok, radio me when you're close and i'll fire a flair into the air so you can pin-point my position. Xero out."
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