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So, releasing Remonkeyed Explorer (as described at the start of the topic) now...

It only allows to dump files from monkey1.pak as-is, as well as convert .dxt to .dds. In other words, it does nothing that jott's tool doesn't do already. Except for having a pseudo-fancy GUI

Specs for the monkey1.pak file as they're currently known are included.

There's no installer - just run the file. Application requires .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, though - Client Profile will do, and if MS get their way, you'll need it anyway for other stuff, if you don't have it already

The installer for the "small" version (280KB web installer which will then download the framework which is approximately 28MB - if it isn't installed already) - AKA "Client Profile" can be found here:

Not expecting to support this app much. It was done quickly, in order to get something out, and lots of code was simply copied from "that other project". Which means I can't be bothered maintaining that code in two places

Also, hi Benjamin and Tomas

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