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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
It's a government building. We have a right to visit it without having to view your propaganda.
Curious though it may be, I don't think it's Jae's propaganda... in fact, I'm pretty sure it's your legally enshrined national motto, as supported by a huge majority of Americans. It was also a popular sentiment/phrase for a long period before that, has been on your coins for half your country's history, and is supported by your Supreme Court as not constituting a breach of your First Amendment - all according to your own source.

I'm curious to know how that constitutes propaganda specific to Jae.

Sorry to hear that civil liberties fall so low on your list of values. Then again, I'm not sure what else to expect from a conservative ideologue.
"Oh yeah? Well you smell!"

How about addressing the point, dear chap? Not that your invective isn't amusing.

I know you're all too happy to jump on the "atheists are 2nd class citizens" bandwagon, but I still have just as much of a right to be here as you do.
Que? That looks like a bit of a leap of logic.

Thanks for keepin' it classy Jae.
Unlike your own calm, reasoned response?
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