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Originally Posted by Achilles View Post
It's a government building. We have a right to visit it without having to view your propaganda.
It's the national motto. If you object to it, write your Congressman and Senators to propose a bill to remove it as the national motto. At the point it is removed as the national motto, I will then consider your argument to have validity.

Sorry to hear that civil liberties fall so low on your list of values. Then again, I'm not sure what else to expect from a conservative ideologue.
Freedom of religion is not the same as freedom from religion. You should learn the difference. I don't want atheism forced down my throat any more than you want theism crammed down yours.
I know you're all too happy to jump on the "atheists are 2nd class citizens" bandwagon, but I still have just as much of a right to be here as you do.
I know many fine, upstanding, first class atheists, including a number of them on this forum, and I am proud to be a fellow citizen with them. Please state where I noted or even implied that atheists are second class citizens, or retract your statement please.

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