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Originally Posted by Espiox View Post
I'm sorta working on this one at the moment. It seems to be a relatively simple task, but combing through the speech files and matching each line to the right subtitle is going to take a while. The music seems to be a bit easier though.

EDIT: Okay, I've hit a couple of problems which I'm not sure how to solve. I'm using ScummSpeaks to patch in the speech files (same as the MI Speech Project) and for the most part things work fine, but there are some lines of speech that are broken down into two or three audio files (Such as "Yikes! / Don't sneak up on me like that!"). I'm not sure how I can put those in. Also, there seem to be a couple of parts where the line can be different (like the Lookout calling Guybrush a random variant of Threepwood).
For the MI Speech Project, I had to rewrite the game code to include every variation.

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