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Secret of Monkey Island "Talkie" Version Project (Classic SMI + SE Voices)

The Secret of Monkey Island: CD Talkie Version
(SoMI Classic with Special Edition Voices)

Download Here!

This thread was dedicated to inserting the SoMI Special Edition voicework into the original CD version of the game, creating the "Talkie" version that never was. Earlier discussion can be found in the Hack Ideas thread, and a similar Monkey Island 2 Talkie thread is here.


Q: What is the aim of this project?
A: The aim is to put the voices from the Special Edition into the original PC CD version of the game, like a classic talkie release (like DotT, Fate, etc.). We are not simply making the voices work in the Classsic mode of the SE.

Q: Are you including the narrator's lines?
A: I, and I'm sure many other fans, felt that the narrator in the SE is too goofy and over-the-top. More importantly, it's totally unnecessary. For that reason, I don't intend to include the narration. If there's enough demand, we could possibly put together a version with him included though.

Q: Will this work for people who don't have the Special Edition?
A: No. You will need the Special Edition game in order to access the voice files. For legal reasons we cannot distribute the voice files (or any other game files).

Q: Will this work for people who don't have the DOS CD version?
A: Yes. There is a complete copy of the required game data files and CD audio track inside the SE files, which can be easily extracted.

Q: If I use the CD version game files embedded in the Special Edition, will the SE bugs be present?
A: No. The bugs in the Special Edition Classic Mode come from the new interpreter, not the actual data files.

Q: Since it's for the DOS CD version, will it actually run in DOS?
A: It does, except that CD audio is not supported, which is a limitation of native SCUMM V5. However, the patched game adds support for MT-32 and General MIDI.

Q: Do you have any other features planned (like including SE music, "fixing" the VGA version, etc.)?
A: The current patch fixes quite a lot of bugs, some which were introduced with the enhanced CD, and even some present in every version of the game available. The patch converts both soundtracks ready to be used with ScummVM.

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