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Just please, for the love of all things good, do not add V/O on the narration... it sounds so horrible that I can't imagine anything worse.
Don't worry, I have no intention of adding the Narrator to this version.

Originally Posted by jott View Post
Which format are you using? Ogg, FLAC or mp3?

And how did you create the mappings? All manually or did you use the information from to generate a basic layout?

It would be good to know how many exceptions there are. I'm all for an automated process which would ease redistribution. It's not a real problem to join multiple wav files for example given some previous definition (or even a heuristic that matches multiple lines).
I'm using mp3 right now.

I'm using the info from to find the right audio file and then I'm matching it to the text pulled from the CD version (using scummtr) manually using ScummSpeaks.

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