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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
Reading your opening post, one might get the impression, that you actually need both, the SE and the DOS CD, which surely is not the case. Thus, you might add this to the FAQ:
Q: Will this work for people who don't have the DOS CD version?
A: Yes. There is a complete copy of the required game data files and CD audio track inside the SE files, which can be easily extracted.

and maybe this:
Q: Since it's for the DOS CD version, will it actually run in DOS.
A: No. The DOS version requires CD audio tracks and the game data on the same CD, but you can't access CD audio and speech samples at the same time.
Thanks, I've added those to the o.p. along with a Q about the bugs in the new SE interpreter.

Originally Posted by SyntheticGerbil View Post
Also is the SE music coming over as well? or maybe a way we can choose?
The music is a relatively simple task compared to the speech, near as I can tell. It's probably just a case of renaming the SE music tracks to match the classic tracklist. When the speech is done, I'll put the instructions for changing the music up there with it for those who want them.

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