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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
Totenkopf is talking about federal laws and you're referring to state laws. Two very different things.
Oh, I'm aware of that. But since he failed to clarify this in the beginning (claiming that there are no "laws in this country which disqualify...") my points were very much valid. And then, of course, when I make the point as to his error, he quickly changes his tune, so to speak.
Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
Thanks, but don't waste your breath, Q. ew isn't going to let reading in context get in the way his selective cherry picking.
Excuse me, but what is this bull****? I read your original post just fine and then responded accordingly.

Originally Posted by Totenkow
If he bothered to pay attention he'd have seen he stepped in it by conveniently ignoring my reference to state laws in a post from several hours earlier. Since he's clearly behaving in a manner which suggests he is resistant to rational discourse, the only thing to do is ignore him.
Apologies, your highness, for missing said post. That should have been fairly obvious, since I asked you to share your point of view in my most recent post. I would not have posted my query (and perhaps not even my evidence) if I had not overlooked that line.
A simple quote of your earlier statement in response would have done nicely, instead of being an ass.


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