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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
Remember, you don't need the CD for this, but you may use it. Ripping them from your CD would give better quality than the compressed versions of the SE, so 3 options would be optimal.
- Convert the classic versions music.
- Convert the SE's music.
- Don't convert any music.
Well, since this patch is for the CD-Version, I think there's no need to include an option for the classic music, since that one is already included in the (unpatched) game. The only option has to be, if the classic music should be replaced by the SE-version or not.

Sorry, I've misread your post. You mean these three options:

- just add voice to an original CD-version of the game
- use the classic version (in the SE data-files) with the classic music and add voices to that
- use the classic version (in the SE data-files) with the SE music and add voices to that

Okay, that makes sense.

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