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Originally Posted by purple_tentacle_ View Post
that would be great if you could do that. It would help people (Especialy Me) to not have to buy a new one.
Well actually that's the aim. For now the only thing needed is MISE, as it contains the original enhanced CD version.

With my both tools unxwb-mi and mkspeech (maybe I'll integrate the relevant unxwb part in mkspeech at a later point), it's already possible to get a basic speech version of the classic enhanced MI version. The mapping file also is unproblematic to redistribute.

And finally a batch file that is being worked on by Espiox will make it hopefully relatively easy to generate your own version without many manual steps.

I think the only problem are the patches by cocomonk22, where I am not sure on what their legal status is and if they can be redistributed freely.
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