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Custom Commando Project - Redux

After seeing how popular the CCP was, and in an attempt to bring a bit more activity to these boards, I’m bringing this back on a temporary basis, so that people can display, discuss and request ‘Custom Commandos’.

If things go well, and it doesn’t go the way of the other CCPs, then it will be allowed to stay.

If it does turn into another spamfest, this thread will be closed.

Firstly, some ground rules:

  1. Keep posts within the scope of the topic - this is not a chat room. If you want to chat, use your vistor or private messages.
  2. Please only make one request at a time - this gives those working on them a chance to get it done.
  3. Don't pester people if you're waiting for a CC to be completed - they're being generous enough to use their own time to do this, so don't expect it to be done instantly.

Ultimately, the idea here is to have a good time - I'd hate to have to close yet another CCP thread due to spam, but that's ultimately down to you guys.

Keep it clean and keep it on topic, and we won’t have any problems. Get posting!

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