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Originally Posted by jestar_jokin View Post
(numtags << 1) + 8
Ah! That's exactly what I was missing. Thanks.

Originally Posted by jestar_jokin View Post
Whenever the next tag's position is encountered, the talking animation is toggled on or off.
Ok, this will not help with multiple lines. I wonder if it helps with cut off samples when having the last tag >= length of the sample...

Originally Posted by jestar_jokin View Post
I think one problem is that the old SCUMM games did not support multiple speech sounds per line. Check Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, and I'm sure you'll find that all multi-line speech just uses the one sound file, and the subtitles are frequently out of synch with the sound.
While that is true, I think we can expect people to use ScummVM when they want a proper Talkie version. And I was somehow hoping we could find a trick this way...

As said, multiple lines are in fact working fine with ScummVM only that they are messed up when the subtitles are turned off.

Well that said, the tags are definitely no solution for this problem, as they are just for lip-animation timing nothing more.

So this finally leaves us this four options:
1) Try to patch ScummVM and bring the patch upstream.
2) Modify the scripts so no more multi-lines are used.
3) Merge audio files and have out of sync subtitles.
4) Force the user to always have subtitles enabled.

Or am I missing something?

IMHO 1) or 2) are the better solutions as they should not have any negative side-effects.

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Sorry I'm late to the party!
Hey, the party just started
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