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Originally Posted by jestar_jokin View Post
I believe the subtitle display duration is calculated based on the length of the subtitle, modified by the global subtitle speed.
There are occasions in which they are cut short, though. For instance, the introduction to the Fettucini brothers is supposed to be fast talk, Stans lines about personal problems too. And the pirate leaders "grog grog grog" and "ha ha ha" are also short for the flashing effect. There are probably more instances.
Originally Posted by jott View Post
As said, multiple lines are in fact working fine with ScummVM only that they are messed up when the subtitles are turned off.
Couldn't we just submit a patch for ScummVM? Eventhough, it is no intended original LEC feature, it won't hurt to have this supported, I'd say.
As a side effect, this would also improve subtitle sync with FOA etc., since those have indeed the same issue.
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