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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
Couldn't we just submit a patch for ScummVM? Eventhough, it is no intended original LEC feature, it won't hurt to have this supported, I'd say.
As a side effect, this would also improve subtitle sync with FOA etc., since those have indeed the same issue.
Well we could, but it will not improve FOA with the current approach as FOA only uses one sample per line. (Well a mod could probably be made .. but I wonder if there would be any people willing to do so....).

Fell free to make a patch though :-)

Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
I think, most of them can be avoided by checking the room number. Passing the -h parameter to scummtr adds a leading info from where the line comes, starting with the room number. Conveniently, most samples are also named with the room number.
Oh! I must have overlooked the -h option. Well yes, this could indeed improve it a lot.
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