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Originally Posted by jott View Post
Well we could, but it will not improve FOA with the current approach as FOA only uses one sample per line.
Well, I wrote that with single samples for multi-lines in mind. Thus what FOA uses as well. Depending on the subtitle speed used, it can indeed go quite a lot out of sync at those lines, too.
With joint samples, a short silence should be added at the joint. About 300 ms sounds fine to me in most situations. The voodoo lady would probably need a bit more when she is guessing Guybrush' name.
Originally Posted by jott View Post
Well the room number for Spiffy is wrong ..... hardcoded the change.
I guess, you could first find all matches according to room numbers, and after that, ignoring the room numbers for the remaining lines. Hopefully, those aren't that many.

Also, the tweak file should be able to exclude samples. As a curiosity, there are some lines recorded, which actually are never spoken. For instance, you can talk to your crew and have the option "Keelhaul: to haul under the keel of a ship as punishment or torture.", which has a sample, but Guybrush actually refuses to say this. Also the snoring sample is huge, and unnecessary, as there is already a much smaller sample for this in the game data file. (Unless, we want to patch that out in turn, that is)

And while we have patched scripts already, is there any chance we could fix some bugs which were introduced to the enhaced CD, but not present in the VGA floppies? Like:
- Smoke at Smirk's close up. Look's like the same graphic as the steam from the voodoo cauldron, and the smoke in the catacombs.
- LeChuck's shaking the grog machine animation.
- Consistent text color of the priest.
- White background at the sleeping dogs message. (This one was already fixed in the German patch:
- Brown floor in the kitchen door in the Scumm bar (Also this one was already fixed in the German patch:
- Navigator's directions. He rarely seems to look to the front or back, even when those are the only ways to go.
- Picture breaking in the mansion uses EGA graphic for some reason.
- And if we ask Dominic Amato politely, maybe the stump joke and the Charles Atlas joke too.

I would take a look into those issues, but I don't know how to use descumm and some script compiler for this. Are there any guides for this?
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