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What we do is photoshop a commando rendered to people's requests.

For example:

Please post your request in the following format:
2)Colors & Placement
3)Weapon (we'll do the best we can)
4)Add-ons/other details

All of the work in the previous thread can be found at General LiWar's site:

Finally Please Follow These Rules in this thread
1)DO NOT DOUBLE POST in this thread. If you do we will not produce your custom commando until the posts are edited to one. The "edit this" option is conveniently placed at the bottom right of your posts.
2)Only request 1 commando at a time. We like to give equal opportunities for everyone to receive theirs in a timely manner. Also you may find you want slight modifications to your original request. You can request more than one, just wait until after we post the product of your original request.

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