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Requesting some mods

Hi I'm looking for mods that improve the look of the textures, fix flaws, rescale units to how they are cannon to hte star wars movies, mods that make the game more cannon to the Star Wars movies (meaning things like the ships for example that were in Star Wars and not the ones that were not). And cheat mods.

For the textures and fixes I currently have Jagged Squadran and Jeff's 2.0 textures. If there are all in one solutions for all the above that would be great too.

By cheat mods I mean things that can remove the space and land cap, quick stealing of upgrades for the rebels, 1 second build for your faction, invulnerability land and space, everything is cheap, and your heros don't die.

Yes I've beaten the two games many times on different mods. I just want to be able to have these for fun. And like I said things that make the games more cannon to the star wars movies, things that fix flaws, and reskin and make things look better without changing the original idea of the unit.


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