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((In my last post I said that I sent you a message. Sorry, I didn't really get what was going on. Oh, and I guess my character wouldn't even know it was you yet. :P))

Aiden kept on running from the concert hall with Eve, looking back constantly to make sure that the zombies weren't gaining on them. All the time he was looking for the plane. Finally, as they turned around a bend, there it was, soldiers around it shooting down zombies.

And it front of it was Atrianna, whom he had not seen in quite a long time. He approached her quickly.

"It's been quite some time, hasn't it?" Giving what was going on, Aiden was trying to be optimistic, something he hated. His concert was ruined, and on top of that New York was being attacked by zombies.

Eve squeezed his hand.

"This is Eve, my girlfriend." She smiled. Aiden couldn't tell, but she was just as upset about the whole thing as he was. At least help had arrived, however.

Aiden got a serious look on his face. "What the heck is going on here?"
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