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Aiden grabbed Eve's hand and picked up the pace as he ran towards the plane. New thoughts of all kinds began to creep into his head. If this was really a new zombie invasion, then he would have to change his way of thinking....Not to mention, he would have to improve his skills in combat. Hopefully he still had the same kind of skill he used to have with a gun, but it had been a very long time since he had ever used a weapon.

Turning towards a soldier that was not occupied fighting, he asked, "Where could I find a weapon?" Fortunately, Aiden still had his old military ID in his wallet. He didn't know why he kept it there, but this time it looked like it might come in handy. Producing the ID from his pocket, he showed it to the soldier.

"Aiden Valko, former military, I was at the Nuking of Chicago."
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