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The sound of the helicopter grew louder and Xero loaded a flair gun and fired it off into the sky letting the chopper know where he was. A large case fell from the chopper and stuck straight up in the snow, the doors blew open to reviel the suit and two .500 S&W Magnum Revolvers. He staggered through the snow toward the case and removed nessesary clothing to put on the suit. The features of the suit were uncanny. It was black with some minor touches of grey on the key parts of it. The fingers had something that resembled claws on the finger tips and the foot part of it resembled his own boots.

"That's top-of-the-line tech at it's best Mr. Cryptmaw." said the scientist through the helicopter speaker.

"Don't call me that anymore..." said Xero while the back of the suit electronically clampped together to make an artificial spine.

"What...?" said the scientist just barely hearing what Xero was saying.

"Call me Xero Wolf." he said while activating the helmet, which was retractable (similar to iron man) into the jaw line of the suit, and it gave his voice an electronic growl.

he put his trench coat on over the suit to conciel most of it then put the revolver holsters on either leg and holstered the revolvers. He pocketed the extra ammo.

The eyeslits of the helmet glowed red and he darted off into the woods back towards town tearing up dirt and snow.
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