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Well if there are already cheat mods that do the same thing on EaWFiles or some other place why re create the work if it has already been done and ready to download. Because of there being so many files that improve upon the other author's work others will make the same kind of mod, but better in that it would include another work. Meaning one person makes a mod and another expands on the idea and that is how you get mods that are more all in one. You don't have to have two or three mods when you have one that does all 3 things. This saves space and creates less clutter.

So that is what I'm saying. I am aware of some cheat mods, but I asking those who might be more aware of what is better than this other mod.

So I'm asking for your knowledge your experience in that okay this mod has this, but SD later down the road another mod was released that has that and this so go with that.

I know there is someone out there aware of the best cheatmods. I know there must be someone out there that knows of a rescale mod that scales the units to where the starfighters and capital ships are of the size they are in the Star Wars movies. If not for a game that has been out for so long you'd think that would've been done by now.

And I know there has to be those that know that okay these mods you just got to have because everyone has them. All gaming communities since I have been involved in them since 2001 have mods that are the must have and mods that are like come on SD everyone has these tweaks/fixes or what would be considered the essential mods for a particular game.

That is what I'm looking for. A mod that can rescale all units to the sizes in the star wars movies. One that removes the units not seen in the star wars movies to make it more of an experience that is familiar. If to do that I'd need individual mods then great. If there is a mod that does both super.

For EaW, I'm aware of a mod that removes the land cap for both factions in EaW, one that makes the rebels invincible, and fast build times with cheap prices, but it doesn't make stealing of technologies fast so I have a mod for that. For the empire I have one that makes the empire invulnerable, fast build times, and cheap prices. So the empire for EaW is taken care of for me.

For FoC I do have an undying heros mod for all factions, but the units for all factions are not, they do not have fast build times, and no quick bomb runs, and the rebels don't have fast stealing of technology.

So this shows you what I have, and what I do not have. And if you recommend mods that are individual mods that do all of this great, if you tell of mods that do this, but it does more than one thign and maybe can do say invulnerability and fast build time rahter than having one for invulnerability and one for fast build time of course that is better.

So I hope this time I've been more clear.

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