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The main character could be Alpha-59 and the second Arc in co-op mode would be Alpha-18 who is a friend of Alpha-59. I haven,t thought of a name so could you guys give me some ideas. There will be a solo and co-op mode but in solo you still have clones with you but you just play alone. There would be different difficulties Like Easy, Normal, Elite, and Veteran and there will be different levels where you can be other clones. Each level completed would unlock extra stuff and there could be achievements and also there will be something similar to the Halo 3 skulls but instead of skulls it's a B-1 battle droid head. The B-1 battle droid heads will be well hidden in different levels and you have to find them and they unlock stuff. Each level has different sections like in Republic Commando.

0.Kamino:Training (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)
1.Geonosis:The Beginning (play as Null arc troopers)
2.Atraken:Operation Katabatic (play as clone troopers)
3.Rhen Var/Raxus Prime/Thule:The Dark Reaper Crisis (play as clone troopers)
4.Kamino:The Defense of Kamino (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)
5.Ohma-D'un:The Bio-Weapon (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)
6.Pengalan IV:The Missile Factory (play as Arc troopers)
7.Qiilura:Virus (play as Darman and Omega Squad)
8.Muunilinst:Assault (play as the Captain Fordo Muunilinst 10)
9.Mon Calamari:Aquatic Assault (play as clone scuba troopers)
10.Hypori:Rescue (play as Captain Fordo and Muunilinst 10)
11.Brentaal IV:Stronghold (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)
12.Haruun Kal:Crisis (play as clone troopers)
13.Ord Cestus:Jedi Killers (play as Alpha-98 and clone commandos)
14.Xagobah:The Siege (play as clone troopers)
15.Jabiim: Disaster (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)
16.Rattatak:Escape (play as Alpha)
17.Aargonar:Heat (play as clone commandos)
18.Praesitlyn:Conquest (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)
19.Boz Pity:MIA (play as Alpha-59, Alpha-18, Alpha, and Squad Seven)
20.Cato Neimoidia/Belderone/Tythe:Hunt for Sidious (play as Squad Seven)
21.Coruscant:The Kiddnapping (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)
22.Utapau:Mission to Utapau (play as Kom'rk, Jaing, and clone shadow troopers)
23.Saleucami/Felucia/Mygeeto/Utapau/Kashyyyk:Part I The Final Campaigns Part II Order 66 (play as clone commander on the specific planet)

I will have more stuff soon.

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