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Originally Posted by purifier View Post
Well, I can tell you that the stories definitely take place in the Old Republic era, but they're more about the ancient wars between the Jedi and the Sith such as: The Hyperspace Wars
The Great Hyperspace war was actually in the Prequel Comic released several years later called Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith, which as you said is a pre history, but is actually more about the return to the Republic and the demise of the Original Sith (although their inception is explained).

The Freedon Nadd Uprising, and The Sith War are sequel comic lines to the first TOTJ, which was in Fact called Knights of the Old Republic when it went to TPB, and an Important precursor to KotOR in more than Just the name's and mentioned Characters.

Originally Posted by purifier View Post
You could say they are more like historical reference's or a prehistory to how everything got started concerning the Jedi and Sith.
Not Really, although at the time the Continuity wasn't quite as fleshed out as it is now, so you could say, at that point, they were the oldest stories Available.

OP: At the end of the day all the various TOTJ prequels, sequels and spin offs are awesome, and deserve to be on yur shelf! enjoy

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