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Originally Posted by purifier View Post
Really? Huh, I didn't know that happened; what's the story behind all of that?
I have no idea. The Wookieepedia articles only talk about a "controversy" and "legal issues", but not much details are known. It's said that Lucasfilm was allowed to use the actual Sunrider characters without naming them Sunrider. KotOR was supposed to have Vima Sunrider as party member, but since the name Sunrider couldn't be used, they replaced her with Bastila Shan.

There have been instances, however, where this agreement has, deliberately or not, been disregarded. In that same KotOR, one instance where Jolee mentioned Nomi Sunrider crept into the game, which Chris Avellone later claimed was unintentional. In KotOR 2, the items of Nomi Sunrider you can find in the game, are named "Nomi's Robe" and "Nomi's Armband", without the "Sunrider" name. Other sources, such as The New Essential Chronology, Star Wars: Galaxies and Coruscant Nights I, did use the Sunrider name, without any consequences.

Anyway, for those that haven't gotten the TOTJ comics yet, they've been beautifully repacked into two Omnibus volumes. I've got them on my shelves, they're awesome.

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