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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
The Great Hyperspace war was actually in the Prequel Comic released several years later called Tales of the Jedi: The Golden Age of the Sith, which as you said is a pre history, but is actually more about the return to the Republic and the demise of the Original Sith (although their inception is explained).

Yeah, that's true. No doubt about that.

The Freedon Nadd Uprising, and The Sith War are sequel comic lines to the first TOTJ, which was in Fact called Knights of the Old Republic when it went to TPB, and an Important precursor to KotOR in more than Just the name's and mentioned Characters.

Hmmm, I'm not sure I'm following you on that adamqd. Are you saying that they were called Knights of the Old Republic in retrospect or do you mean that the title is actually printed on the TPB's? The only reason I'm asking is because I don't see a title like that on any of the TPB's that I have, they just say: STAR WARS: Tales of the Jedi and on the cover just underneath or below those titles they say: The Collection, Dark Lords of the Sith, The Sith War, etc - and they come in volumes. Maybe your talking about some reprinted versions I haven't seen yet or something.

Not Really, although at the time the Continuity wasn't quite as fleshed out as it is now, so you could say, at that point, they were the oldest stories Available.

Yeah, your really right about that - no argument here. I guess I was thinking that they were a good reference to go too, especially whenever you read about artifacts or ancient characters from other characters mentioning them years later in other Star Wars comics, TPB's, or even some of the real novels. Of course there is always Wookieepedia for that, probably much faster too instead of digging through your old TOTJ comics to get the info.

OP: At the end of the day all the various TOTJ prequels, sequels and spin offs are awesome, and deserve to be on yur shelf! enjoy
Yep, I totally agree...just wish I had a good bookshelf to put them on.

Originally Posted by Miltiades
I have no idea. The Wookieepedia articles..........................

Yeah, I remember reading the same thing come to think of it - on Wookiepedia awhile back.

Still, it's a damn shame. It would of been nice to have seen the character Nomi, in some adventure roles for TOTJ along with Vima.

But that's the way it is I guess, fans gotta suffer because of the legal mumbo jumbo.

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