Thread: who gets BF3?
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who gets BF3?

I was thinking, how would BF3 be different if Pandemic was making the project compared to Free Radical and rebellion, what kind of quirks would each studio bring to the project.

I'm thinking that if Pandemic were to release BF3 it would be very similar to the second. Very class based and the missions would be objective based in a battlefield. I'm quite sure they would spice up the visuals and even out the troops, but keep pretty much the same.

If rebellion got hold of BF3, They would probably try to imitate what the first 2 did, They wouldn't make very many leaps of their own though. I would be very worried if they were to make it, they already wrecked the portable version and I'm sure they would make some change in the core game play that wouldn't work.

Free Radical doesn't exist anymore-with the exception of Crytek UK- but what they had looked great. It seemed like they were going for a more single player campaign, than capturing command posts. They actually had REAL cinematic cutscenes!! They put a lot of work into models and animations.

which do you guys think would make a better BF3 and why?
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