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I saw the TOR comics in a little advertising interlude touting the MMO coming up. I wonder...does anyone think these comics will make the printing press?

@ the subject: I've liked the whole Legacy Series. Cade might wind up being the good guy, however I see the writers sticking to the archtypal american anti-hero routine. Cade being only a hair's breath away from being a bad guy himself.

Capcom did similar with Zero in the megaman X series and actually it wound up making him a highly popular character for it, rivaling if not surpassing megaman X. (Some might debate that, but I've watched other fans enough to know better.)

Also, the imperial side is now a much stronger element in the stories...I do not think the outcome will be quite the same as all the past...the Republic may live on, but I see a sovereign empire standing in the future that actually has enough believers in nobility to make it legitimate enough to distance itself from Palpatine's beginning of it.

The KOTOR comics? Fine to start out with--at least it was. I'd like to see Nihilus' beginnings, I already can guess Kreia, and Darth Sion has a back story elsewhere. I'm a bit frustrated with the KOTOR series of late and hope it picks up soon. Goes somewhere. Maybe highlights some backgrounds of more characters from the games? That would be nice. I'm *very* curious after Hasbro's unveiling of Nihilus and that he actually had dreadlock hair...

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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