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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
You can ask for permission, but I already know the answer will be no, I've already discussed the matter with Shem.

If your just going to take a modders work, and put it in TSLpatcher, regardless of what the permissions say, if you want the mod hosted at KotOR Files you will have to get the expressed permission of the original mod maker that you are allowed to do that.
I'm sorry, I did not know. But I can still go with my backup plan. I can do the same thing with this as I did the USM; release the patcher and the tslpachtdata folder with un-modded copies of the baseitems and spells.2da files with the changes.ini and info.rtf files. So now there will be no permission issues as technically I'm not releasing the mod all over again, just the patcher with instructions saying to copy all the sound files included in the mod's zip archive to the tslpatchdata folder. So no permission issues there. Do I still need to ask for permission even though the only thing being hosted is stuff made by me?

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