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Originally Posted by ZimmMaster
UPDATE: I was unable to gain permission to host a whole new USM. So I went to my backup plan. I will release the patcher and tslpatchdata folder with the changes.ini file, info.rtf file, usm source scripts which are allowed to be used without contacting the team and un-modded dlg and 2da files that are used in the USM in a zip archive. In order for the patcher to work you will have to download the USM on KotOR Files. In the archive there is a folder called "Override" (without the quotes). Open this folder and delete all .ncs files. To do this quickly, open the USM override folder and open your searcher (Windows Key + F) and click search all files or folders and then if neccesary browse to the USM override folder and then in the all or part of filename text box type ".ncs" (without the quotes). Hit delete and then navigate back to the USM's override select all then copy and paste the files into the tslpatchdata folder DO NOT overwrite ANY files when asked. Then run the patcher.
Did you try to contact all the members? I was interested in making another patch to fix some of the grammatical errors and also fix the compatibility.

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