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Originally Posted by Robespierre View Post
Did you try to contact all the members? I was interested in making another patch to fix some of the grammatical errors and also fix the compatibility.
I first contacted T7nowhere with what I was wanting to do. He said no. As he would have to contact all the members of the USM team. So then I asked about my backup plan. His reply to me presenting my backup plan is below. I'm also integrating the critical updates for the usm in this too.

Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me.

Are you going to be willing to support anyone that has trouble using the patcher to install USM?

BTW, I do appreciate the effort as I'm sure the community will. When you have the patcher ready i would like to take it for a spin.


Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
As a matter of record and for future reference, we expect you to gain permission before you start work on modifying someone else's mod; not only is it prudent, it'd damned rude to publish it and then turn round to the original mod maker and say "Oh, by the way, can I have permission?"

This includes creating an easy-install option/mod using TSLPatcher or otherwise, and while there hasn't been a policy on this up until now at KotORFiles, as vice-admin I'm setting one: If you are going to create one of these you must obtain the permission of the original mod author or authors to do so. Otherwise it will be treated much the same as if you had used their mod in another or uploaded it without permission.

This is about following the spirit rather than the letter of the law. The point is to show some respect for your fellow modders, not to create a framework you can skirt around when you feel like it.
I NEVER publish my mods that I make until AFTER permission issues are resolved even though I usually already have them made for use by me. I learned this last year and what can happen if you don't. I have like fifteen really good mods of mine that I have not released to the public. Like my Dual Colored Double Sabers for TSL. Like one side emit a blue and the other a red blade. My version 3 of my Items of Revan which I've modified SS' Revan Fix and integrated into the game. My KOTOR I Mullet Head for TSL. I was not sure if I should release that or not 'cause it might be considered porting even though OE used that head in the KOTOR II trailer. The reason I ask after the mod is made is because several of my attempts at projects like this failed miserably. The idea of hosting it comes after if I think it is a really good mod. In the case of the USM mod, I was already making it for personal use a week ago when I thought about hosting it a few days later as it was turning out real good. Which is when I asked T7. Later which I posted the WIP thread. I had not actually started those mods yesterday. I had been working on them for a while before. I just posted the order of developments in the way they happened.

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