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*brings up USM readme (Section VII: Terms of Use)*

"You may alter the contents of this mod in anyway you see fit for your personal use only."

Technically this doesn't alter anything about USM until it goes into the personal use only realm. None of the .2das or .dlgs are modified until they are merged with the existing .2das and .dlgs in someone's override.

"This mod may not be re-upload to any other website besides and unless...."

This mod does not contain any USM files so it is not uploading USM to any website without the Team's consent.

Now granted there is the spirit of the law as you said. I respect that, I really do. But the fact that at least one of the Team Members, T7, is okay with this has significance too. And given that the original Team is not that active nowadays, it's very hard to even ask for permission.

Anyway, I guess I just feel like defending a mod I'm not even affiliated with. I do think that this could be one of the best modding resources ever since it will help reduce the incompatibility issue of USM.
Originally Posted by jonathan7
KotOR Files upload system begs to differ on this point....
From what I can tell he was operating under a faulty assumption.

In any event, I'll let ZimmMaster continue to make his case for these mods. Just though I'd offer some arguments of my own (and I can easily argue either way ).

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