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I've contacted T7 for some help and clarification. I also brought up some of the issues posted here. He'll hopefully get back to me soon or he may post here. I just hope I can host it. As for the Sound Mod issues, the mod is still "pending approval" on KotOR Files and I asked Shem for some clarification in a visitor message on his profile. I'll post here with more updates as I get them.

*EDIT* I think it would be easier to see what is being done with Ultimate Sound Mod than for me to tell what's being done. I hope it clarifies what I'm wanting to do.

<snipped link>

*EDIT* Sorry. Just trying to make things a little easier with a visual aid.

Moderator note [08-07-2009 07:04 PM]

Do not post links to anything related to the Ultimate Sound Mod showing what you intend to do or otherwise - Shem, DI and myself are all aware. What Shem thinks is important and you don't have permission to do this. Post this again, and you will face disciplinary measures...

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