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It's been a pretty hectic few months for me, and I'm sure for everyone else as well; mercifully I've had plenty to do. Nevertheless, I've not exactly been resting on my laurels in terms of modding, even if there isn't quite as much to say as I'd like.

Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
They're coming along nicely, IMO. There's definitely more lustre present, and it truly looks as if it was forged from bronze rather than a mass of feces.
Heh, yeah, the old textures weren't great.

Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
I think that the Bastila standard clothes model would make a good female version. It has the high collar and shoulder pauldrons, but the skins would take a bit more effort to convert.
The Bastila clothes are certainly an option, although one I've been avoiding since 90SK has already made use of them; I was thinking perhaps of using Juhani's clothing model, which to my knowledge has yet to be used for this kind of thing, and has a similar shape.

I like the second screenshot better (the one with the khopesh blades), because you've removed some of the white metal and put in more tan cloth. It looks more flexible that way, and a little more like something a Jedi would wear.

Looking much better. The veins definitely look like they are under the skin.
Hehe, thanks!

Actually, there is a marked improvement, especially because the shine helps it stand out from the black backgrounds. The mottled pattern gives it kind of a hand-beaten look, like a hammer was used to pound it into shape.

The model is great, it really reminds me of the second Mummy movie (the opening scene of the Scorpion King vs all the Anubis clones), so I think you've got the Egyptian feel of that type of blade for sure.
Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

Originally Posted by Exile007 View Post
Those blades are looking great DI. But the handles look a bit... meh. Sorta grey'ish, so I hope you try to skin those.

Or it's just my eyes are getting even worse. :P
It's not your eyes, they were unskinned at the time. Fixed now, though.

Originally Posted by RedHawke View Post
Hmm... looks like a fine model DI but isn't it upside down... at least when the character is holding them?

Not that I know anything about Khopesh's mind you! *Points to AV and Sig...*
Haha, indeed. Unfortunately, though, I imported the wrong way round, and I was too lazy to reimport. Besides, it's a double-bladed model. You can wield it either way. >.>

First up, the khopesh... again.

As you can see, the handle is now skinned, and I tweaked the blade skin slightly. Props in this picture to oldflash for the headband and 90SK for the robe. Would have taken a neutral shot, but I had the mods in at the time.

I've also done some work toward a more corroded skin, as per Pastrami's suggestion, although I don't feel it's worked very well so far.

A more evil weapon for a darker Exile; unfortunately, teething problems with the handle skin getting mapped in-game properly thanks to some issues with mdlops, but I hope to fix those soon. The design on the hilt is a very small representation of Her Serenity the stoffe the Lady of Pain. You can't see it in-game (or very well on the skin), but I thought it was a cool touch, so nyer.

Next up is a weapon model that is also a spoiler for NWN2, so don't look if you haven't played through at least into Act 3 of NWN2's OC. No, really.
Show spoiler

My first stab at blaster modelling in a long time. Issues with the game again, which probable mean I need to redo the handgrip. This will be the standard security weapon, and I'm hoping to come up with a slight twist for it, so watch this space.

Finally, something I've been fiddling with, on-and-off, for at least three years (if you go back to earlier pages in this thread, you may well find pictures of PCs wearing earlier iterations of this idea). I can't quite get the colouring right, though, so I may shelve it for a while longer.


Last of all, I want to talk a little about the plot and the story for the mod. I'm not going to be spoiling anything, so there's no need to look away. I do want to say, though, that, for the main plot at least, there is no fedexing (or, for the laymen among us, quest elements where you must carry item X from person Y on one side of the world to person Z on the other), and there is a fair degree of non-linearity in certain sections, although it is ultimately linear.

What I mean is that, to get from A to B, there are multiple options open to you, and occasionally, certain actions will cause certain consequences. The upshot of all this is that it will not, I hope, be possible to play through all of the content in the mod in one run-through, which I think is very important.

Another thing you will be assaulted by in packs is skill and ability checks. These will actually serve a purpose, and there will, I hope, be no dialogues, at least in the main plot, which have redundant options (i.e., ones that lead to the same line). I make no promises that the lines will all be radically different; that is the aim, though.

One other thing that there's not much of in this mod is random kill assignments. This wasn't exactly intentional, but the mod evolved in such a way that combat, for the main part, isn't going to come up that much. When it does, though, I want it to be more special, and, preferably, tough. I consider it, like the fedex-quest, a bit too much of an easy way around having to come up with something original, memorable and fun. Things may change a little depending on whether I can do everything I want in-game, but I'm hoping this is not one of those things.

That's all I have to say on the subject for now.

Your fun fact for the update is that at last count, the main plot required around twelve modules. Make of that what you will.

Oh, go on then. Just one spoiler for the plot.
Show spoiler

Until next time!
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