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Originally Posted by jonathan7 View Post
How about you don't release anything that relates at all to Shem's work. She is more than capable of deciding if he releases the USM with TSL patcher or not. However lets see if I can completely eliminate the misunderstanding.

Shem's readme;

What this explicitly means is that you use his mod in your own mod... For example lets say SilverEdge9 wanted to include it in BoS then he could. Putting Shems USM mod in TSLpatcher is not making a mod, it is not doing any work of your own what so ever - it would of taken me less than a minute to put Shems USM in TSLpatcher. Indeed I'm happy to do that, email it to Shem, and let him upload that to KotOR Files under his own name to end this furore.

Putting someone elses mod in TSL patcher does not count as a modification, you haven't done anything yourself to change the game, it goes completely against the spirit of which Shem had said the above in his readme. Indeed your behaviour is why I explicitly state that my own work has to have my permission given, otherwise if I gave it in a readme, that trust could be abused; which is exactly what you have done by doing what you have done. I cannot within the realms of forum rules say anything else with regards this matter.

My primary job here is to enforce the rules, and keep the peace. As such my behaviour has to set the example with regards obedience to the Forum rules, and setting the level of decorum appropriate for the forum. Do rest assured I am not in any way either amused by your conduct or very enamoured by your behaviour; I think you have acted in a wholly ungraceful manner which is the antipathy of which mod makers would like to relate to one another, Good day sir.
Ok, then. The Ultimate Sound Mod project is officially canceled. Thanks for all clarification. Sorry for all the trouble.

Originally Posted by T7nowhere View Post
There are some good points brought up in this thread an I don't want to distract from someones work.

I personally don't have a problem with someone making an installer for one of my mods that probably does need one with all the mods that have come out since.

As I have said in my Emails Zimmerman I want to see the end result and test the installer myself, but I also mentioned that i need to contact the other members of the team.

However seeing as what your releasing will not contain any actual content from USM I don't see that there would be a problem.

The whole point is to allow people to enjoy the mods without their games being messed up.

If there is something else I'm missing I would appreciate being PM'd personally.
I will email you the end result once completed. Which I hope will be sometime tommorow or the day after.

~ I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

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