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Originally Posted by Darth InSidious View Post
First up, the khopesh... again.

As you can see, the handle is now skinned, and I tweaked the blade skin slightly. Props in this picture to oldflash for the headband and 90SK for the robe. Would have taken a neutral shot, but I had the mods in at the time.
Definitely looking better.


I've also done some work toward a more corroded skin, as per Pastrami's suggestion, although I don't feel it's worked very well so far.
It definitely looks... interesting. But I agree, it doesn't exactly look on par with the original...


A more evil weapon for a darker Exile; unfortunately, teething problems with the handle skin getting mapped in-game properly thanks to some issues with mdlops,
Did you remember to detach the polys? (even on the handle)

but I hope to fix those soon. The design on the hilt is a very small representation of Her Serenity the stoffe the Lady of Pain. You can't see it in-game (or very well on the skin), but I thought it was a cool touch, so nyer.
A cool touch that you can barely see?

Next up is a weapon model that is also a spoiler for NWN2, so don't look if you haven't played through at least into Act 3 of NWN2's OC. No, really.
Show spoiler
I haven't played it yet, and I looked at it. Whats going to happen to me?

Seriously, that sword looks very good.


Finally, something I've been fiddling with, on-and-off, for at least three years (if you go back to earlier pages in this thread, you may well find pictures of PCs wearing earlier iterations of this idea). I can't quite get the colouring right, though, so I may shelve it for a while longer.
Would that happen to be the hood from Kreia's model? If so, I believe that the arm texture for one of the jedi robes uses an edited version of that, so I'm sure you can get pretty close using that little part of the texture.

Another thing you will be assaulted by in packs is skill and ability checks. These will actually serve a purpose, and there will, I hope, be no dialogues, at least in the main plot, which have redundant options (i.e., ones that lead to the same line). I make no promises that the lines will all be radically different; that is the aim, though.
Ah, something I thought was missing from the game. I didn't quite like how you use a skill in a dialog a few times in the whole game, and it leads you to the same conclusion as if you didn't have the skill.
And I too would like to see some unique dialog every time I play through the mod.
Oh, go on then. Just one spoiler for the plot.
Show spoiler
dead guy laying in snow? the plot has thickened.

If he is laying in the snow, I'd say maybe make a custom dead-guy skin that'll make him look a little... icy. Because if hes dead enough to have his spine sticking out, he should look bluer and a lot colder...
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